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help with this problem? simple or hard

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help with this problem? simple or hard

Messagepar Williamhawk » 03 Novembre 2017 à 12:27

Alright first off i have a 1995 YZF 600R and i'v had it for about 4 months now. When i got the bike i had no problems for about a month. Then about a month after that it all went down hill. I had my plastics rip off while i was going down the road. Then i find that one of my header pipes was rusted and snapped. i then had all clogged carbs and huge power loss. Since i had the problems i'v put new header pipes on, Replaced the spark plugs, and cleaned the carbs. and after all that it ran great. Till few days ago when i was about put my new Acerbis Cyclopes headlight on. I put the light on anyways and tried fixing the problem. It was backfiring every few seconds then i tried starting. so i took spark plugs out and tried seeing if it was hydro lock which nothing came out so I'm guessing that's ok. i cleaned the plugs made sure i was getting spark and then put it all back together. ran the carbs dry as well. its not backfiring anymore but right now it still wont start. It sounds like its wanting to start though. The starter goes and you hear a couple puts puts coming from the exhaust but wont start. Filled the tank up today and still wont start. Just wanting to know if anyones had the somewhat same problem before i spent couple hundred at the shop. I'm mainly a DIY kinda person but haven't had this problem before.

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Re: help with this problem? simple or hard

Messagepar fanfan » 03 Novembre 2017 à 19:48

hello biker friends

here is a two stroke mechanical site.
your bike is a four stroke engine.

sorry for not helping you.

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